How did I end up here, doing this?

I left university with not much to shout about apart from a confusion as to why on earth people drank the stuff that passed as beer 'down-south.' Before moving to the Midlands from Yorkshire I'd never felt the need to drink lager, as far as I was concerned there were two types of beer; mild and bitter- but what passed for the latter in Brum at the time rarely made the grade, even for a not overly picky student wallet/palate.

I ended up working in pubs in Nottingham closely followed by Australia, where, due to a making the mistake of knowing how to work a till system, I had to do a shift on my own in a bottle shop on a Sunday morning. I was bribed with malt whisky, but still had no idea whatsoever about what I was selling. Luckily nobody came in to cruelly expose my lack of knowledge so I remained unscathed.

Having resolved to learn something about wine once back in the UK I ended up managing another pub and discovered the joys of Belgian beer instead. Not to be foiled, once life took me to London I started work all keen and bright-eyed in Oddbins, a month before scurrying off to New Zealand and dragging my girlfriend and best mate round as many vineyards as I could convince them to tag along to. By this time I was hooked. Oddbins brought me back to Nottingham and a couple of years later the girlfriend was dragged off to yet another winery, this time in Italy, to get married – best man even made it, with the timely acquisition of a new passport. And so now I run wine classes for a local college, along with blogging, mainly about beer due to the addition of a non-canine child to our family and not being able to drink as much wine, which is a lot less fun on your own!

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